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There’s too many things to put in a mouth

My brother Paul Barchilon Nursing with me looking on, 1965
My brother Paul Barchilon nursing with me looking on, 1965

he reaches for everything
with his mouth, his mouth

it all goes in
and then drools out

he’s so full of


he’s my

he’ll stare at his hands
and reach for the sky
with his mouth,
with his mouth,

with his whole being

he wakes in the morning
cooing and full of delight
no one needs to remind him
to give thanks or be grateful

his every moment is full of loving
and exploring

he oozes delight

he reaches for me with his mouth
with his mouth
and I joyfully give in to his sweet
need and his warm


©Nicole Barchilon Frank, mom in love, (6/20/97 Ethan’s fifth month birthday)