Hineyni-Here I am


little girl
who feels it all
the joy, the hungers
the gaping wound,
the tired, lonely aching call

still after all
wanting, needing to
FIX IT, hold it,
love it, nurse it,
make it whole and
let it be known that


in your caress,
in your warm arms,
in all the prayers
and love and
that flows to me
through you

through every leaf
reflecting light
through your warm
body close to mine
at night

for the fierce force of
minus all the hype

what a crazy world I live in,
we live in

stay open
open wide
with nowhere to hide

this is who I am
and who I was
made to be
there is nowhere to hide

except all around me
all through me
everywhere, everywhere
Ani Adonai Eloheihem

I answer Hineyni (Here I am)
again and again and again
for Eternity

***(original therapeutic artwork by Nicole Barchilon Frank working with healing her wounded little girl. Picture from early 1970s)

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